You can book via third party websites for a flat $30 p/p/person, or book directly with us for the following rates:

1-2 night3 nights4 nights and above

Private rooms
Or you can have an entire room to yourself/and your family/friends for the following rates:

 1 person2 people3 people4 people and above
1-2 nights$70 p/night$75 p/night$96 p/night$30 p/person p/night
3 nights$55 p/night$64 p/night$84 p/night$25 p/person p/night
4 nights and above$50 p/night$60 p/night$75 p/night$22 p/person p/night
weekly$350 p/week$420 p/week$525 p/week$154 p/person p/week

Family Deal
We offer special budget deal for families with kids

2 adults + 2 kids2 adults + 3-5 kids

* Rates can vary based on availability and demand